WWE Retro Hasbro Review: Mankind

Mick Foley, Cactus Jack and Dude Love were all fascinating characters but none of them was on the level of the Mankind Gimmick. Let’s be honest Mankind was an amazing gimmick that in part saved the WWE and gave the edgy attitude era a hardcore element, unseen since. The smelly gym sock was the perfect compliment to Mankind as well. The three WWE Championship runs that Mankind had are among the most memorable in the companies history. Before that gym sock gets stuck in my mouth I had better get to reviewing this WWE retro figure.

Mankind was released as part of series two of the retro line by Mattel. The figures weren’t widely available in the United States and often ended up at discount outlets like Ollie’s. Series two was comprised of the following six figures:

  • Kane
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • HHH
  • Sting (Black and White)
  • The Rock
  • Mankind

The figure is a near perfect representation of Mankind from the tie to the old dress shirt and boots Mattel really knocked this one out of the park. The leather mask and Mick’s patented messy hair give this figure the perfect attitude era vibe in Hasbro packaging.

The box art chosen for the figure captures Mankind in all of his deranged glory and was another stellar choice by Mattel. The cardboard chosen is a little flimsy but overall I’m happy with the packaging, especially when you consider that the retail price on these was usually 10 dollars or less.

The back of the box show’s Mankind ensuring that Kane ‘has a nice day’ by doing what looks like a close line but I think it’s supposed to be the mandible claw. Seeing the figure in bright action shots somehow really brings this little 4 inch figure to life in an old-school kind of way.

Overall having a retro series without Mankind would have felt incomplete. Foley’s days of fame were during the days when Jakks was producing WWE figures so having a Hasbro style one to compliment the original legendary line is awesome. Today (2020) a Mankind retro figure in decent packaging is around 40 dollars on eBay.

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