WWE Retro Hasbro Review: Roman Reigns

The big dog, Roman Reigns. Love him or hate him, Roman is easily the most polarizing wrestler on the WWE’s current roster. Reigns’ WWE career has been nothing short of remarkable from dominating the ranks of the NXT, to The Shield being the hottest trio on the planet. Placing a cherry on top of Reign’s hall of fame worthy career is the fact that he’s held every title the WWE has to offer at one time or another. Before the ‘big dog’ runs me out of his yard, I better take a moment to review this figure.

This Roman Reigns retro figure was released as part of series one of the WWE retro series by Mattel. The series included (links to our reviews):

Series one was released exclusively at Wal-Mart (in America) and was slow to sell initially. Today, the series one figures are among the more sought after in the entire series.

Roman Reigns is possibly the toughest S.O.B. to ever lace the boots up, having beat leukemia on two occasions. In hindsight the fans honestly were a little too harsh on Roman for being the chosen one or the ‘new face’ of the WWE. Roman is clearly having the last laugh though because now he is most importantly healthy, and also among the most sought after and expensive retro figures on the market.

The figure captures Roman’s signature facial expression, you know the one he makes when he is about to ‘lock and load’ on an opponent. The gear is perfect as well, from the boots, to the logo on the shirt, pads, and finally the black glove on his right hand was a nice attention to detail. The body with the spring action arm was a great decision by Mattel as well, even though the Rollins and Goldberg style jumper body would have been great for performing the spear, this body type is far more appealing to the eye.

The picture chosen for the box art was another great choice by Mattel and depicts Roman’s real life intensity. I do wish the cardboard was a bit thicker and in some cases the bubbles weren’t fully attached as well. But the overall vibe of the packaging definitely stirs up Hasbro nostalgia.

The back of the box shows Roman defending his empire by delivering his superman punch to Kevin Owens. The right arm of the figure has a spring loaded mechanism that allows the figure to really punch an opponent similar to the old Hasbro figures like Jake the Snake and one of the many versions of Hulk Hogan.

Overall this figure was very well done and is one if the most sought after Retro figure’s in the entire line, maybe second at the moment to The Junk Yard Dog. The figure in packaging routinely sells for well over $100 on eBay and Amazon and it’s a must have for any fan of retro/Hasbro figures.

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