WWE Retro Hasbro Review: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has been one professional wrestling’s brightest stars over the past 5 years. From the independent ranks to the top of NXT and all the way to the Universal Championship, Owens meteoric rise has been nothing short of amazing! But, the one thing that stands out most to me about his short WWE run thus far is the angle with Chris Jericho that culminated with the unforgettable festival of friendship. Before I catch a stunner, I should probably start reviewing this series one Kevin Owens figure.

This Kevin Owens retro figure was released as part of series one of the WWE retro series by Mattel. The series included (links to our reviews):

Series one was released exclusively at Wal-Mart (in America) and was slow to sell initially. Today, the series one figures are among the more sought after in the entire series.

Even though Kevin Owens is one of my personal favorite’s I was honestly surprised when Mattel decided to include him in series one of the retro line. But once I saw the lineup I was excited to see that Owens was included. The former Universal Champion also has a unique claim to his name in that he is one of only three wrestlers to have multiple retros produced thus far.

The figure displays Owens in his signature cut-off t-shirt with KO duck taped across the front. The gloves also ad a nice personalized touch to the figure. Owens tattoos are close to spot on, though he has added a few since. The body type chosen for the figure was a decent choice as well and does illustrate Owen’s actual shape.

The picture chosen for the box art was a good choice as well and captures Owen’s real life emotion. Although these cards are pretty flimsy the shape chosen is very close to the original Hasbro line.

The back of the box displays Owen performing the pop up powerbomb on Roman Reigns, a move that will surely be changed to the stunner if we are lucky enough to see a third Owens figure.

Owens doesn’t have an original Hasbro to compare this figure to. But in my opinion Mattel did a great job of making a current wrestler with an old school vibe that displays perfectly alongside an original Hasbro collection.

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