WWE Retro Hasbro Review: John Cena

Your time is up! My time is now! I couldn’t resist that! John Cena is possibly the most decorated superstar in WWE history. His accomplishments include being a 13 time WWE Champion, 5 time United States champion and 4 time tag team champion. Cena also won the 2008 and 2013 Royal Rumble and the 2012 Money in the Bank contract for good measure. Before I ramble on all day about Cena’s historic career let’s get back to what you CAN see, this amazing WWE retro figure.

This John Cena retro figure was released as part of series one of the WWE retro series by Mattel. The series included (links to our reviews):

Series one was released exclusively at Wal-Mart (in America) and was slow to sell initially. Today, the series one figures are among the more sought after in the entire series.

Series one of these figures would not have been complete without including a John Cena figure. A perfect choice for a figure to bridge the gap between old school and modern wrestling and introduce collectors of today to names from the past.

This figure diplays Cena in his classic jean shorts (aka jorts), his signature sneakers and the sweat and arm bands provide a nice touch, giving the figure an authentic feel. Topping it off literally, is a hat with the ‘You can’t See Me’ logo printed onto it. The chunky body type chosen for the figure displays Cena’s real life bulk and was a good decision by Mattel in my opinion.

The box art is spot on, displaying Cena with his hand held high, possibly preparing to deliver a five knuckle shuffle. The classic WWF logo gives the figure a nostalgic early 90’s vibe.

The back of the box displays Cena slamming Brock Lesnar and has instructions for how to perform the ‘Attitude Adjustment’, by placing an opponent in his hands then rocking the figure back in forth. This activates a spring in Cena’s abdomen and sends the other figure hurling across the ring.

There isn’t an old school Hasbro to compare the John Cena figure too because Cena wasn’t with the company in the early 90’s. But if he was, I have a feeling that the figure would be almost spot on to this one. Overall, Mattel did a wonderful job producing a modern figure with a rock and wrestling vibe.

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