WWE Retro Hasbro Review: The Ultimate Warrior

Energy is the word that comes to mind when I think about the Ultimate Warrior. During his time with the WWF the pace of most of his matches went beyond fast, to a level of their own. Warrior’s illustrious career was highlighted by a pair of Intercontinental Championship runs as well as a one time Heavyweight Champion. Warrior was the first man to hold both WWF singles Championships simultaneously.

The Ultimate Warrior’s career encapsulated the Warrior spirit and this retro figure in particular does that as well.

This Ultimate Warrior retro figure was released by Mattel as part of series one of the retro Hasbro series. The series included (links to our reviews):

Series one was released exclusively at Wal-Mart (in America) and was slow to sell initially. Today, the series one figures are among the more sought after in the entire series.

This Ultimate Warrior retro figure is attired in Warriors trademarked vibrant colors and arm band. The lime green tights mesh perfectly with the bright pink and green face paint. The figures wrist and knee pads are identical to those of the photo chosen for the figure, which is a nice touch.

The art chosen for the box is a perfect example of the way WWF wrestling fans remember the warrior. Mattel did a good job with this one the old school WWF logo and the art give this figure a perfect early 90’s vibe.

The back of the box has directions on how to perform the Warrior’s Gorilla Press Slam. The back also shows the rest of the figures on the set and the figure in a few cool action shots.

The figure is very close to the second version of the original Hasbro line, where Warrior was decked out in his white tights.

Overall this figure is a really nice example of the Ultimate Warrior, aside from perhaps the tassels on his boots, it’s about as close as a figure can get to perfect for a Hasbro style figure.

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