WWE Retro Hasbro Review: The Undertaker

The Undertaker is a wrestling legend, and honestly if anyone said he was the ‘greatest wrestler of all time’ it would be hard to argue with them. The ‘Dead Man’ is the longest tenured wrestler in WWE history having been with the company since 1990. Taker has held the WWE championship 4 times and the World Heavyweight Championship an additional 3 times.

The Undertaker has had a one of a kind career and I’m honestly excited to review the figure for this article, so let’s have a look!

This Undertaker retro figure was released as part of series one of the WWE retro series by Mattel. The series included (links to our reviews):

Series one was released exclusively at Wal-Mart (in America) and was slow to sell initially. Today, the series one figures are among the more sought after in the entire series.

Ok, back to this amazing figure. The Undertaker retro is perfectly attired to look just like The Undertaker did in the early 1990s, a perfect move considering this is a ‘retro’ figure.

The box art also has a perfect picture of the Undertaker that gives the item a dated look and feel.

The back of the box depicts the figure in action, and directions on how to execute The Undertaker’s famed Tombstone Piledriver.

Original Hasbro Undertaker figure.

The retro Undertaker figure is perfect in scale to the old school Hasbro line and look very close to the original as well. However, the new figure really does pop with the bright purple tie that was conveniently left off of the original.

The hat and attire are definitely on point but the figure would be even better if it included an ern accessory. Another thing that would be cool to see in the future is a Paul Bearer retro figure, especially since Kane now has a figure.

Should you buy one?

I would reccomend the Undertaker Retro figure to anyone looking for a unique figure to add to thier collection. Today, The Undertaker WWE retro figure in decent packaging will set you back about 50 dollars on eBay.

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