Surfer Sting: The Best Sting Gimmick Hands Down

I started watching Sting wrestle in the late 1980’s as a boy, and I was immediately blown away by the athleticism and the look this guy had. His face was painted in bright colors and he was flying around the ring, splashing or death-locking every opponent in site. Those were the days!

During the mid 90’s a monumental shift in wrestling power took place when Sting’s WCW promotion signed away several huge stars from the WWE including Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The trio quickly formed the edgy nWo.

The newly appointed Eric Bishoff and other’s (including Kevin Nash) encouraged Sting to change his look to an edgier ‘crow’ like appearance. Surfer sting was buried and the Crow was reborn in the rafters of arenas around the country.

The Crow gimmick was a huge success and Sting was viewed as WCW’s savior by hardcore fans. But it’s worth remembering that none of this would have happened, if the California Kid had not captured all of our hearts and imaginations as Surfer Sting.

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