Notes on Fyter Fest

Testing out a new format here, which will allow me to give my thoughts on more than just a handful of topics and that will also allow me to go as deep or as shallow as need be. With that being said let’s get in to talking about Fyter Fest.

  • AEW recently just signed Private Party to restructured deals based on their performance from Fyter Fest, this is great and all but however I would love to see them perform in a 2v2 tag match just to get a better sense of who they are as a normal tag team. Instead of them performing in a three way tag match.
  • All told aside from the three way tag match the pre-show was not really good at all, with the most notably bad match being Jebailey vs Michael Nakazawa. This had no business being on a wrestling show the caliber of AEW and most importantly didn’t belong on a card that had far better matches.
  • AEW crowds tend to be a “Smarter” bunch and religiously follow the Being The Elite series that’s on youtube, which means they’d at least be familiar with the Librarian character…..But I think this character really is struggling with audiences, who have no idea how to react to it and if they should take it seriously or not.
  • Moving on to the main card I really like Christopher Daniels but can we please move him from the opener spot? I feel like if he is really spotlighted by the company in a big time (possibly main event) match against someone like Cody or some of the other Elite members he would really dazzle audiences with his skills. CIMA is also a very capable hand and look foward him to get a match he can really sink his teeth into with Kenny Omega at Fight For the Fallen.
  • With the Joshi women wrestlers on the AEW roster they really bring a uniqueness to the roster with their look and just the in ring work really solidifies that they are just as much of a threat to the Women’s Title as the likes of Awesome Kong, Nyla Rose, and Allie.
  • I feel the need to make this it’s own bullet point, Nyla Rose really has the chance to make herself into a big star in AEW, she’s got a intimidating look, her heel work is on point, and while we may not have heard a promo from her we don’t really need to. She could easily work with a mouthpiece or just be a silent monster and get a lot accomplished just like that.
  • Jungle Boy really impressed me in my first time seeing him compete in this fatal four way match against Hangman Adam Page, MJF, and Jimmy Havoc. My only issue overall with the match was that while everyone got a chance to shine for the audience, Havoc’s felt like he got shortchanged.
  • Adam Page is really proving why the company is pushing him to the moon by having stellar work against PAC and in this fatal four way, that being said I feel like MJF will cost him his title match vs Chris Jericho, leading to a more fleshed out feud with Friedman.
  • For me personally Cody vs Darby Allin was my match of the night, the story telling of Darby just not staying down vs Cody really made Allin look like he was completely unstoppable. Combined with the fact that Cody let his hubris get the better of him leading to a draw on his record now is a great example of the type of storytelling that the company needs to focus on going forward. Not whatever that Jebailey guy was doing…
  • I worry that the tag matches with the Young Bucks vs the Lucha Brothers will grow stale here soon, it was just recently announced that we are getting a rematch of this very match at AAA’s TripleMania this year and that will make it match 5 since the Bucks captured the AAA tag team titles before Double or Nothing. I will say though, worries aside, this match was incredible and really showed off the talents of Rey Fenix and the Laredo Kid, I hope they split the Lucha Bros up so that we get more individual performances from Fenix and Penta soon.
  • While Moxley vs Janela was a great match I want to focus on what took place after the match ended with Kenny Omega attacking Moxley as revenge for how Double Or Nothing ended for Omega. This is a great character moment for Omega as Kenny isn’t a very aggressive character, only really choosing to attack Jericho in the build up to their Wrestle Kingdom 12 match after being attacked multiple times himself. This really shows how brutal the All Out match will potentially be considering this is now a rather hot feud.

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