WWE’s Biggest Mistake…

WWE has survived from being ahead of the curve on a lot of things, that and just simply having better talent than most companies. However there has been a shift in what the industry has deemed to be required for success, fans in 2019 are much smarter to the business and creative that goes in to making a card, company and individual into something viable. This has changed with even casual fans as well thanks to the advent of social media, casuals have more of a connection to other fans and can form almost a hive-mind over what’s good or not good. With this knowledge there has been one person that has blown open why WWE has been hemorrhaging talent, and it’s not related to money. That person being Jon Moxley and that reason comes down to creative, With Moxley WWE has seriously made a mistake in not only letting him go but letting him go in the manner that they did.

On May 29th Moxley went on Chris Jericho’s podcast, and what he said there was napalm like in how scathing it was; slamming not only the writing but also the creative and even Vince McMahon’s decision making skills. Some of the most damning stuff involved Roman Reigns, someone who was at the time battling leukemia. “Vince Jedi-Mind tricked me” was something that stood out when Moxley was talking about how Vince would write promos for him, this is a man who’s friend is battling cancer and Vince McMahon was making him reference said friend just to get the “cheapest of cheap heat” to quote Jericho. That’s just the tip of the spear, Moxley spent an hour and a half telling stories like this that would horrify someone who has any sort of idea as to what makes a wrestling company successful. To be fair Jon Moxley made sure to note that is isn’t entirely the writing crew’s fault as to why he was written so poorly. The one phrase that was constantly repeated when Moxley would talk about how Vince would respond to him expressing his displeasure with a promo was “It’s good shit! It’s you”, completely dismissing the issue that the then Dean Ambrose had with any promo.

One thing that any good company (not just a wrestling based one) is good communication, WWE seems to have missed this memo based on what Jon said when talking about the WWE creative process. After eight years of working under them Moxley mention that he still has no clue what they do for creative other than a ton of meetings, this is not good especially when you realize that creative controls what a given wrestler’s storyline is. Moxley would go on to say that is what’s “killing the company”; Jon Moxley has even stated that is part of his goal with joining AEW, to “show Vince that his way sucks”. Now this is all made completely inexcusable when you look and see how open and clear Mox was that he was leaving the company, even going as far as showing his gratitude when it was clear to Vince McMahon that he was a goner.

After things were made clear with the company things started to get bizarre between the company and Ambrose, starting with the press release; WWE is never usually one to make their business matter public knowledge but with Ambrose things were different. To sum up what Moxley said, Vince made Mox’s lack of willingness to renew his contract public because it allowed the WWE to control the narrative, going as far as to say that’s why WWE “pays Brock (Lesnar) millions to ruin their company”. However things still remained firmly in Jon’s control, after the press release WWE began the process of trying to bury Ambrose by having him lose squash matches vs EC3. This quickly flipped as crowds instantly began to turn on the matches, forcing WWE’s hand so to speak, Moxley would even say of the matter that Vince was furious, and that the crowd saw Ambrose as the underdog.

There is a saying that goes “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. This very much applies to WWE and Vince McMahon, remember this isn’t the first time a wrestler has left over awful creative, and not just that but also how bad Vince is at running a wrestling company. 2014 CM Punk had suffered a similar fate to Moxley, the only real difference is that Punk didn’t care if he burned any bridges on his way out, Mox went out of his way to make sure things went as amicably as possible. WWE has not learned it’s lesson with regards to keeping it’s top stars happy, and they are learning the hard way by suffering embarrassment in the public consciousness.

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