Raven shares his thoughts on what makes AEW different from other promotions

WrestleZone recently caught up Raven and touched on a number of topics including what he believes separates AEW from the pack.

“Youth. They’re not relying on a bunch of guys that have been on top for 20 years. Not that WWE is either—you have the younger guys that are going to be behind the scenes as well, they’re going to be willing to listen. Let me re-phrase this. The youth behind the scene means new ideas, fresh ideas, young ideas. Obviously, they’re going to have some veterans there for psychology reasons. It’s gonna have a more—it’s gonna have a flavor you’re not gonna have in a company that’s run by guys that are much much older, who don’t interact with pop culture as much.”

For more of Raven’s thoughts on AEW check out Kevin Kellam’s entire interview.

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