Anonymous source: WWE’s atmosphere is toxic and it’s all because of one person

The following should be viewed as unconfirmed news/rumors. An anonymous caller recently called into the Pro Wrestling Show Podcast hosted by Wade Keller. The caller claimed to have recently had a night out with three members of WWE’s creative team. The caller made a number of fascinating claims, including that the backstage atmosphere is “toxic” and that one person is responsible for that.

“Regarding WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, the writers allegedly said there is no chance of Vince stepping down. Obviously that day will come eventually, but it sounds like there is a feeling that Vince isn’t stepping down any time soon. It also sounds like a lot of the writers blame Vince for a lot of the negativity. “It’s such a toxic atmosphere and it’s all because of one person,” one writer said. (H/T to It was emphasized that WWE’s problems are not the fault of the creative team, and that Vince is the one who deserves the blame.

Regarding Vince and WWE creative, it was said that Vince wants suggestions from everyone, but those suggestions never make it to TV. It was also said that 99 out of 100 times you can come up with an idea for Vince, but it won’t be used. The writers also painted a picture of Vince being out of touch. They claimed Vince just “watches WWE and works out” and is not aware of things going on in the real world. Regarding the WWE NXT developmental system, the writers claimed that Vince does not keep track of what goes on there, and that he “maybe” watches the Takeover specials. Triple H has indicated in the past that Vince does know what’s going on with the black & yellow brand.”

For more rumors on the backstage happenings of the WWE check out Wrestlinginc’s summary of the call. You can listen to the Pro Wrestling Show Podcast here.

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