Glenn Jacobs chokeslammed a man through a table during a recent speaking engagement

Knox county mayor Glenn Jacobs better known as WWE legend Kane was adressing the crowd at the National Association of Sports Commissions Symposium at the Knoxville Convention Center Tuesday. When a man dressed as a stagehand approached Jacobs and interrupted his remarks.

“You know who I am, right?” Jacobs said as the man tried to get him off the stage. “Yeah, I’m mayor, but that’s not all.”

Suddenly, the lights turned red and Kane’s WWE theme music began playing.

Jacobs donned his Kane mask and proceeded to chokeslam the man through a nearby table.

“So, as I was saying,” Jacobs said to conclude the humorous skit. “Welcome to Knox County. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I expect to see you back here very soon…or else.”

Fox News has the entire rundown and the video of the entire incident. Quotes prepared by Fox News, the pictures are screen shots from their video.

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