Marko Stunt shares his thoughts on AEW, WWE and his future

High octane wrestling sensation Marko Stunt was recently on WINCLY’s podcast and discussed a number of topics. Some of the more interesting quotes was when Stunt aka “Mr fun size” spoke of the possibility of working with AEW in the future.

I would love to go to AEW. I’ll be at Starrcast and I’ve talked to them about some stuff. I’ll be in the area and I’ll just leave it at that. I would love to work for AEW in the future, but I guess we’ll all find out soon.”

Stunt also shared his thoughts on the WWE and if that is still his ultimate goal.

“I don’t think that WWE is the be all, end all of everything. They’re still on top, obviously. I think one day I would love to go there, but if that never happens I’m not gonna be mad or super upset about it.”

You can check out more quotes from WINCLY’s and Stunt’s conversation here.

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